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If you’re looking for the dates of this years Wing Ding or the location of your states HOG rally, you have come to the wrong place. Now on the other hand, if you’re trying to hunt down a kick ass old school biker rally, void of strollers and juvenile delinquents running around to spoil your adult activities, this is the right spot. The BikerCrap.com Adult Bike Rallies & Events Calendar is as its name implies, nothing but biker rallies that cater to “ADULTS”.

We’ve kept is simple, the name and location of the adult bike event, a rough estimate of the date the bike rally is held each year and a link to the event’s web site. Why do we provide such little information you ask? Well, if you’ve had the misfortune of surfing through other motorcycle event calendars you will have found that, with few exceptions, most have outdated event postings as it’s just too damn hard to update the calendar each year. We figure we’ll get you to the adult motorcycle rally or event and leave the details up to you. Seems fair enough don’t it?

Click on State to View Rallies & Events.

Do you know about a great "adult" style bike rally you don't see on our event calendar? If you do, shoot it on over to us so we can add it to our adult event calendar. Send your adult rally information to CustomerService @ bikercrap.com.

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