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Some you've heard before and some you aint. Either way, here is a collection of biker humor and other funny shit we've collected over the years.

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  Snake Got Stood Up
  Bikers New Year Resolutions
  Modern Day Biker
  Three Bikers
  Bad Ass Grandma
  Hard Times
  You Might Be A Biker If...
  The Language of Bikers & RUBs
  The Contest
  Candy's Green Spots
  Are You A Harley Man?
  Shocking Anniversary
  Badass Biker Bob
  A Drunk Man
  A Little Biker Wisdom
  Old Married Bikers
  The Biker And The Ape
  The Homesick Biker
  Weight-Watchers Meeting
  Chapped Lips
  The Biker And The Whore
  Sneaky Husband
  Cutting The Grass
  Drunken Bro
  Potty Talk
  All Bikers Are Assholes
  Tee Shirt & Vibrator
  The Sheriff's Girl
  Give A Guy A Break
  Man's Best Friend
  Kill A Biker, Go To Jail
  Hind Lick Maneuver
  The Truck Stop
  The Waitress And The Biker
  Little Old Lady
  Rookie Police Officer
  Biker Tools
  Yamaondason 2000